Children at school


We provide research and insight solutions that engage pupils, students, adult learners and non-learners, teachers and training providers to shape and improve education provision.

We work on behalf of public, private and voluntary sector organisations to engage the full range of stakeholders involved or impacted by education.

We provide data collection support to organisations conducting evaluations on behalf of EEF and other funding bodies.

Qa can recruit and draw upon a pool of DBS checked assessors to administer assessments as part of evaluations, on a large scale.

Our education research services allow you to:

  • Evaluate the impact of education programmes on learners from the Early Years to Post-16
  • Collect high quality, robust data using standard measures for your evaluation or research project
  • Understand perceptions and satisfaction of education provision to drive improvement

For more informationĀ please contact:

Kay SilversidesĀ Research Manager
01904 632039