Educational Assessments & Research

We can support your organisation with a wide range of data collection services using education measures. We act as an expert data collection partner to gather robust data for your research and evaluations using standard tests or measures.

Our specialist education team can provide high quality and creative solutions to support your research due to our wealth of experience collecting data across the education spectrum, from early years to post-16.

We can offer the following services:

  • Telephone (CATI) interviews with Senior Leaders/Staff and students of Primary & Secondary schools
  • On-line surveys with teaching staff, pupils & parents
  • Recruitment of teaching staff and students to take part in focus groups/depth interviews
  • Moderation of focus groups in schools with teaching staff/pupils/parents
  • One to one assessments in primary schools across England
  • Class assessments in Secondary Schools in England (KS3)
  • Cognitive testing of student surveys
  • Invigilation
  • Coding of open and other responses for large-scale data sets
  • Data inputting

Our innovative approach means we have the capabilities to organise large scale data collection, including administration of one to one pupil assessments, over short fieldwork periods. However, we can provide support purely for one small element of the evaluation or full primary data collection – our role is to offer you support where and when you need it within your budget constraints.

Qa has a strong track record in consulting with a range of audiences across all education stages. We have successfully engaged with the following audiences:

*   Early Years
*   Primary schools/ pupils
*   Secondary schools/ pupils
*   Post-16 colleges/ students

To discuss the requirements for a specific project, or for more information about our education data collection services please contact or call 01904 632039.