We have undertaken project and programme evaluations for three decades. We have helped organisations within the public and voluntary sectors to understand the impact they have had on the lives of the recipients of their interventions as well as the extent to which they met the criteria of their funders.

The topics of projects and programmes we have evaluated are wide ranging such as understanding the extent to which neighbourhood approaches to reducing loneliness are effective to reporting on the impact of BIG Lottery Building Better Opportunities programmes on the long term unemployed.

We are used to working on longitudinal evaluations, formative as well as summative evaluations. We are also experienced in engaging with all of those within the evaluation that are impacted by or contributed to the intervention such as project / programme managers and staff, partner or delivery agencies, other stakeholders such as employers or businesses and most prominently the recipients or beneficiaries of the intervention.

We apply a wide range of qualitative, quantitative and secondary data analysis techniques to evaluate outcomes. And most importantly ensure these techniques are adapted to suit the circumstances of the individuals and organisations involved.

For further details about our Evaluation Services please contact richard.bryan@qaresearch.co.uk or call 01904 632039.