Critical Friend & Advisory

Improve your own research or evaluation outcomes by accessing our knowledge, experience and expertise.

Qa has nearly 30 years’ experience conducting an extensive range of research and evaluation studies for clients in specific sectors.

We are offering to share what we have learnt in an advisory capacity to help clients undertaking whole studies themselves or delivering certain methodologies as part of a study.

Our Critical Friend and Advisory Services are tailored to suit your requirements. This could vary from us reviewing your questionnaire and suggesting improvements to working with you during the whole project lifecycle to provide advice and support throughout.

Our service goes beyond purely helping you to tweak the technicalities of a method or process to advising on the essential and often unforeseen practicalities of research that if considered properly, really help to ensure the outcomes you require are achieved to a high standard.

For further details about our Critical Friend and Advisory Services please contact or call 01904 632039.