Data Collection & Processing

Qa Research also offers quantitative and qualitative data collection and fieldwork services to organisations across the UK.

Key resources available include:

  • National field force of face to face interviewers
  • In-house telephone research contact centre
  • Focus group recruitment, moderation and transcription
  • In-depth interview recruitment, interview and transcription or appointment booking for you to conduct your own interviews.
  • Hall Tests
  • Support with large scale evaluations, namely by providing assessors to carry out assessment administration

We are happy to receive your questionnaire / discussion guide and collect the data. However, we also offer a consultancy service whereby we may recommend subtle amendments to the language or wording within your script to ensure your survey/guide  is carefully scripted to engage with the participants you are targeting. This allows you to maximise the response rate and improve the quality of your final data set.

In terms of outputs for quantitative data collection services we can provide you with raw data files so that you can undertake your own analysis. But we also have our own in-house Data Analysts who can conduct data analysis for you (based on your own spec, if you prefer) and provide you with a set of easy to use data tables.

For qualitative and quantitative data collection services we can provide you with audio / video files so that you can analyse the data yourself or provide transcriptions of the groups / depth interviews.

For more information about our data collection services contact or or call 01904 632039