Find out how charities and NGOs benefit from research

Every charity can benefit from research which helps them to help others.

That’s the theme of a special event being held in Edinburgh on 10 September.

Research for charities – Making a Difference is a session run by the Esomar Foundation, and managing director of Qa Research Richard Bryan is one of the facilitators.

The free event will explore how research has been used to improve the work of NGOs committed to creating positive social change.

Richard said: “We have been working with charities and NGOs for many years and know what a key role research can play in their work.

“It provides them with focused insights into the needs of those they are aiming support, helps them to plan effective campaigns and interventions, and offers invaluable feedback on work already undertaken.

“Carefully planned and targeted research helps charities to help others and bring about major social improvements.”

Bring your questions

At the event there will be a panel session and Q&A into what research can do and how you can do it cheaply and effectively.

That will be followed by small interactive group sessions, involving expert researchers, experienced NGOs and delegates.

These will see participants challenge each other, brainstorm, and find solutions to your issues.

The ESOMAR Foundation said:

“We’re convinced that every not-for-profit organisation can benefit from research, can do their job better by understanding the people they’re trying to help more deeply, and that research really can make a difference for everyone.

“To convince you we’d like to invite you to a complimentary session at the ESOMAR Congress in Edinburgh, dedicated to this conviction of ours.

“You bring your issues, scepticism, doubts and questions, and we’ll show you how research could help you do your work better.”