Quantitative Research

Qa Research offers the full range of quantitative research methods. We design each research approach to meet the specific project requirements.

Qa’s in-house telephone contact centre ensures that interviewers are thoroughly briefed prior to the fieldwork commencing. Qa has also access to a national field force of trained face to face interviewers who follow the MRS code of conduct.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a paradigm shift towards digital engagement even amongst groups that historically were less inclined to engage in research digitally. This has led to a shift in how Qa engages with participants often using a hybrid mixed method approach.

For some years, when engaging businesses we’ve often combined online and telephone research. Our in-house contact centre enables us to maintain the high standards required to generate high quality data.

Recently, our approach to engaging residents and the general population has seen a shift towards combining online and face to face research.

We are also experienced in undertaking longitudinal or tracking studies. Our realistic and practical approach to data collection ensures that the best method is chosen to ensure high response rates.  For longitudinal studies, attrition rates are realistically assessed and applied at proposal stage.

For further information about our quantitative offer please contact:

Kathrin Tennstedt

Head of Business Development

01904 632 039