Travel Brand Tracker Survey

Tracking awareness and usage of brands 

Assessing what actual and potential customers know about your brand and how often they use it can help determine the success of your marketing campaigns. One of the most effective ways to track awareness and usage levels is regular surveys (monthly, quarterly or annual) which compare results over time.

Running the travel tracker survey

Qa undertook a travel brand tracker survey on behalf of Smarter Communications advertising agency for two consecutive years.

The tracker survey tested consumer awareness and usage of up to 40 well-known travel brands, including Thomas Cook, Ebookers, Hertz and Avis.

By benchmarking results from each quarter and tracking variations of awareness and usage of each travel company we were able to determine how successful advertising campaigns had been in the period running up to the research

The questionnaire also tested consumer awareness of advertising. Respondents mentioning a specific brand were asked to recall where and how they heard about it. This enabled us to report on the most effective media or format of brand advertising.

The research was conducted quarterly via CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing) with a representative sample of 1,000 UK consumers.

Using the results

Our findings allowed travel brands to rigorously assess the nature and quality of their advertising campaigns. We were also able to investigate advertising awareness levels and feed this information back to our client. This combination of tracking data and specific brand references informed new marketing and communications strategies.

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