Nancy Rhodes

 Data Protection Officer

As Data Protection Officer Nancy provides advice on the application of data protection legislation to the research we undertake for our clients. Having been at Qa since 1998 Nancy has held roles with our Contact Centre, project delivery teams and training so has extensive knowledge of the research process.

Initially an Interviewer, Nancy was an Assistant Supervisor then Fieldwork Supervisor for a year before also taking on the role of Training Officer. Her experience of recruiting and training Qa interviewers and managing fieldwork led to training volunteer peer researchers to collect data for public authorities and charities, and supporting delivery of qualitative and quantitative project work as a Research Executive for four years.

Alongside these roles, since 2013 Nancy has worked with our research, data collection and data processing teams to ensure working procedures are compliant with ISO 20252 (the International Standard for Market and Social Research) and data protection legislation. She has been involved in conducting external ISO audits and continual improvement of quality for five years. From 2016 her main focus has been compliance, including undertaking internal audits and GDPR readiness.

Nancy has attended MRS training on data protection and research and is a member of the National Association of Data Protection Officers (NADPO). She has a BA (Hons) in English and Linguistics from the University of York.

Contact Nancy
01904 632 039