Patrick Gower

Contact Centre Manager

Patrick joined Qa as an interviewer in 2008, became Contact Centre Supervisor in 2012 and Contact Centre Manager in April 2020.

He is responsible for recruiting, training and managing our team of interviewers with the support of Sam Coates, our Assistant Contact Centre Manager as well as a number of Team Leaders.  Patrick is an experienced interviewer in his own right and has considerable knowledge and understanding of the importance of good survey design. He manages verbatim coding at Qa, provides invaluable consultancy to many of our clients who ask him to proof surveys and provide feedback on routing, wording and survey flow to ensure survey responses are maximised and good quality information is collected. He has responsibility for the day to day management of the interviewing team ensuring all our interviewers work in accordance with the MRS Code of Conduct and adhere to ISO: 20252. Patrick would be responsible for managing the interviewing on a day-to-day basis.

Contact Patrick

01904 632039