Sarah Adie

Senior Data Analyst

Sarah has 7 years experience as a data analyst in the research industry and is highly proficient in a wide range of quantitative data analysis techniques and packages including Askia, MapInfo and SPSS.  She takes a pro-active role in data security and data protection for Qa, supporting the ICT Manager.

She also coordinates Qa’s data inputting, quality checking and coding processes and is directly involved in data processing, often working in a client facing role to ensure outputs align with client requirements and to deliver client training.

For projects requiring data analysis, Sarah would be part of the team responsible for data processing, multi-variate analysis and outputs (e.g. data tables).  She would add value through her knowledge of data presentation, the application of interrogative analysis techniques and data security and also survey design.

Sarah graduated from University of Birmingham in 2008 with a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics.

Contact Sarah
01904 632 039